Lennard Ypma

DJ, Web Developer, Music Producer, Synthesizer Hoarder

Sets and Podcasts


Lennard Ypma is one of those artists that is almost impossible to define. This guy has been all over the place over the last decade. From aliases such as Saurkraut, Perennial Rhythm, Bind, Cargo Cultcha and Laym he finally decided to use his birth name Lennard Ypma on stage. With him only 3 things are certain; He loves his poodle, he loves his synths and the guy plays awesome tunes!
His live-sets with synths blow up places such as Radion, Marktkantine, Claire, Ruigoord and Der Wei├če Hase (Berlin) and his dj-sets are so diverse that they are suited for locations such as BAR, de School, Breakfast Club and Skatecafe. His own alias gives a new dimension to the concept of a vinyl juggler, playing sets from reggae to worldly vibes to hard acid, being a true quality animal. He breaks down, builds up, bubbles, vibes and drums. Whatever floats your f*cking boat..


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